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#FreeOurFamilies - family separation and the need to do something

The past few weeks have been a new level of heart-wrenching anger with the separation of families at the U.S. border and the realities that thousands of youth are facing in detention centers and a child welfare system that embodies institutionalized racism. As parents, caregivers, and educators, we often feel the desperate need to do something, including and beyond a conversation or dialogue. Here are some resources to help with that something:

Families Belong Together national day of action - June 30, 2018: search for a protest or event by zip code

Playdate Protest Action Guide #FreeOurFamilies

More on #FreeOurFamilies Protest Playdates and how you can organize or participate

Table Talk: Family Conversations about Current Events - Family Separations and Detentions at the Border (from the ADL)

The Atlanta Journal Constitution has created a list of ways you can show your support beyond donations, including protesting and contacting elected officials, and Quartz makes additional suggestions.

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